Are you looking for an organic sugar wholesaler? If you want a company that provides a range of sugar and sweetener products, then you’re in the right place. Whether you need quality organic sugar for your restaurant, hotel, cafe, school or shop, we offer a huge variety of products to suit every need. 

Among our impressive range of ingredients are organic sugar cane, coconut sugar, glucose powder and a range of syrups, such as agave syrup and more. You can check out our full range of organic ingredients below. 
The concept of sugar is nothing new. In fact, it is likely that chewing sugar cane for its sweet taste was done in prehistory. However, the first indication of sugar cane in a domestic setting was around 8000 BC. 

Sugar and sweeteners are very versatile ingredients, and they have many applications in our daily lives, as well as in your business. While most organic sugar cane currently on the market is produced in factories that also process non-organic sugar, our sugar products are different. 
Our organic sweeteners and sugar

As a sugar wholesaler, our organic sugar and sweeteners come from a range of different sources around the world. For example, our palm sugar comes from Indonesia, our corn glucose from Austria and our beet sugar from the Netherlands.

But no matter where our organic ingredients come from, they are produced using sustainable actions. We believe the key to better food and a healthier planet is to work together with nature, which is why our farmers care for the soil to ensure no damage is done to the earth. They also avoid the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides on any of our products, as we are committed to 100% organic ingredients. 

Take our organic sugar cane from Mozambique, for example; this comes from a single origin and is not grown near any non-organic cane fields. Our farmers set the highest possible standards for their organic sugar cane, and all live and work in harmony on the land. They even allow elephants to roam freely around the area, benefiting from the land and living as nature intended. 

It is projects and products like this that make Naturell-ab a unique sugar wholesaler. Buying your goods from us means you can make more conscious decisions about the products you sell to your customers. 
Uses of sugar and sweetener in business 

It seems like sugar is required for everything these days, and our vast range of organic sugar products can have many applications in your business. Our organic sugar cane and powdered sugar can be used in cakes, desserts or in hot drinks. It can be ordered in bulk or packaged into smaller individual bags to be sold in shops. 

Then there is our coconut sugar. This is great in baked goods and desserts as well, but it can also be added to granola or trail mix for a healthier alternative to sugar cane. Best of all, it can be used in cooking sweet sauces, particularly those used for Indian and other Asian cuisines. 

We also offer a range of organic sweeteners, such as corn syrup. Our corn syrup can be used in baking, sweets, jellies and jams. Alternatively, our rice syrup can be added to hot drinks for sweetness or drizzled over desserts or breakfasts like pancakes and waffles. Agave syrup also goes well in hot drinks and can be offered to customers as a healthier alternative to sugar. 

Finally, our tapioca maltodextrin can be a great stabiliser or can be used to give a smooth texture to dishes. It is an ideal fat replacer in desserts, cheese, dressings and sauces if you’re hoping to make healthier, low-fat options for your customers. 
Using a wholesale supplier 

All the organic sugar and sweeteners we’ve mentioned above can be bought in quantities of up to 25kg. They can also be individually packaged and printed with your branded labels if that’s what you require for your business. 

If you’d like to know more about buying any of our organic sweetener or sugar in bulk from a trusted sugar wholesaler, you can get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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