Plant Protein

As a specialist in organic nutrition, Naturell-ab offers only the highest quality natural wholesale plant protein, which makes it better for your business and for the environment. 

Whether you’re looking for organic vegan protein powder, pea protein or even soya chunks, we have something to suit your every need! Our organic plant protein are suitable for everyone, which makes a great supplement in any diet and a great addition to your business.
Plant protein can be used as a high-protein, high-fibre meal replacement. It also readily absorbs the flavours of the spices and sauces when it’s cooked. All organic protein powders from Naturell-ab are GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Why choose our raw wholesale protein powder?

Our organic vegetable protein is completely vegan, and we have a selection of other powders made from soy, wheat, rice, peas and beans. This means there is a plant-based protein powder to suit every need or dietary requirement. 

Some of our organic plant protein powder also contains probiotics, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. All of these are beneficial for providing healthy and nutritious meals that can be consumed by all of your customers.

Plus, these powders can easily be added to meals to boost protein intake, which makes them a great addition to your business. If you are able to incorporate our organic vegetable protein into your recipes, it could incentivise your customers to buy your organic and vegan products over others. 

Our organic vegan protein powder can, for example, be made into a shake or added to a smoothie. It is also common to add protein powder to meals, and thanks to its ability to easily absorb the flavour of any sauces and condiments, our plant protein blends effortlessly into any recipe. 

You can also buy soya chunks which can be used to create delicious plant-based meals and snacks.
Provide vegan options in your business

Organic plant-based protein can also be used as a substitute for meat products. So if your customer demographic contains vegans – or you would like it to – buying wholesale protein is ideal for your business. 

With our organic vegan protein powder and soya chunks, you can easily provide tasty vegan-friendly options to customers. This might secure you more interest than when only offering vegetable-based protein in shakes or smoothies. Ultimately, our organic plant protein powder provides you with another way to serve your customers.

Organic protein powders are a great workout supplement

Our organic plant protein powders are especially great for athletes and people that are trying to lose weight because they are high in protein and fibre. This means they contribute to a good metabolism and quick physical recovery. Consuming plenty of fibre also helps people to feel fuller for longer, so losing weight may become easier. 

Additionally, our organic plant protein powder can serve as a supplement before or after a workout. This is because muscles need plenty of protein to recover after intense activity. Although whey protein isolates are often seen as the best protein supplements for active people and athletes, plant-based protein powder is just as nutritious. 

Consuming a variety of vegetable-based protein powders will still provide the human body with all the essential amino acids it needs, which means it can work just as well as whey protein. However, there is also soy-based plant protein, which is complete in its amino acids and BCAAs.

For vegans or people who are sensitive to dairy products, our plant-based powder is a good alternative for whey protein, and it is just as effective. So, adding our organic plant protein powder to your offering can help to attract a wider variety of customers.
Organic and sustainable

We are proud of how our wholesale protein powder is produced. This is because we aim for a completely organic and sustainable food chain. So, if you choose our products, you and your business can directly contribute to a more sustainable way of life. 

Organic plant protein is better for the environment thanks to its organic cultivation process. Plus, it’s healthier for you than conventional protein powder. So if you want to improve the assortment of products you’re offering or to increase your customer demographic while being sustainable, our organic plant protein powder is your best choice.

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