Nuts are versatile food ingredients and can have many applications. At Naturell-ab, we offer a wide range of organic nuts, available in different sizes and varieties to suit your business needs. Our range includes organic pine nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, organic hazelnuts, and so much more.

All of our ingredients are 100% organic certified and available in different packaging sizes. For an impression of our complete assortment of nuts, please see below. 

We care deeply about our organic ingredients and the impact that they have on our environment. Therefore, we make sure that the cultivation of our organic nuts has a minimal impact on the soil, biodiversity and general surroundings of the farms where they are grown. 

By buying organic nuts in bulk through Naturell-ab, you are not only buying the freshest ingredients, but you are also supporting the development of more environmentally friendly supply chains.
The benefits of organic raw nuts

Nuts come with a range of different health benefits. Since they are full of nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, protein and unsaturated fats. They are also loaded with antioxidants.

Besides the health benefits, nuts also have a wide variety of uses. You can offer them as (roasted) snacks, in spreads, cereals, bars, dishes and as ingredient in many other ways.

They can also be sold as a delicious and healthy snack or included as a very welcome product in a whole food or refill store. 
Our organic nuts wholesale selection

As a nuts wholesaler, we have a variety of almonds you can choose from. Our natural almonds are packed in 3kg, 10kg or 25kg according to your requirements. Besides natural almonds we also offer blanched wholes, slices, flour, roasted dices and natural flour from our warehouse.

As well as almonds, another popular product in our assortment is our organic cashew nuts.

The cashew nut tree is native to Brazil. After harvesting, the cashew nut inshell is separated from the cashew apple and steamed. The cashew nuts are than cracked, selected and vacuum packed before export to our warehouse. Cashew nuts grow in many different places, but we import our wholesale organic cashew nuts from Tanzania and Vietnam. 

Another popular product we sell to businesses, often used in desserts or pastries, is coconut. Although coconut is officially not a nut, it is a fruit, it is usually listed in this category. Our coconut product selection includes several different varieties, all offering a unique flavour and textural experience. We offer our coconuts as half-toasted chips, raw chips, desiccated or half smiley chips.

As a nuts wholesaler, we can’t forget about organic hazelnuts now, can we? Hazelnuts are widely used in chocolate, nut butters, snacks and as a bakery ingredient. Our organic hazelnut range includes natural, blanched, roasted, diced and grinded hazelnuts. All of our hazelnuts are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, artificial fertilisers or similar processes. 

You may also want to consider our fully organic peanuts. Peanuts are one of the most popular nuts in the world. Besides being used to make peanut butter, they can be used in many dishes as a garnish, paste or as a main component. That is why we offer our organic peanuts blanched, from Barisha or Silihong.

The last nut on our list as a nuts wholesaler is the walnut. Our European walnuts originate from the organic orchards in Moldova and are 100% hand cracked to get the best quality. Walnuts have a very unique taste and can be delicious raw or toasted. In our walnut selection, you can choose between walnut halves or walnut pieces, available in different sizes.
Organic certifications

When buying organic nuts in bulk, it’s understandable that you want to make sure all products are ethically sourced and in compliance with the official organic certification regulations. 

Standards and requirements for organic food tend to differ between countries, but generally speaking, organic certification is granted when at least 95% of the food is sourced organically, referring to the way that the food is cultivated. Our organic nuts are 100% organic.

As a nuts wholesaler, Naturell-ab ensures that all ingredients comply with organic certification standards. Some ingredients also comply with additional certifications, such as SKAL, USDA, Demeter, FairTrade and more. So when buying our organic nuts wholesale, we guarantee organic cultivation practices.

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