Grains are a staple ingredient that provides a whole range of health benefits, and buying grains in bulk can be just as beneficial for your company. At Naturell-ab, we stock a big selection of organic grains that includes rye flakes, wheatgrass, couscous, organic quinoa, barley, organic oats, and so much more! 

As a wholesale grains supplier, our mission is to provide your business with access to high-quality organic grains that are kinder to the planet and to your wallet. Find out more and check out the full range below. 

Grains, such as corn and wheat, are some of the most popular ingredients in the world. These are versatile foods that have made up the staple of many diets for centuries. 

In fact, humans began storing and cooking with grain around 20,0000 years ago. Although some grains, like wheat, were not domesticated until around 10,000 years later. 

There is a wide variety of grains, which is what makes them such ideal staple ingredients and they are typically packed with goodness, particularly organic grains. These can provide important nutrients to all those who eat them. 

Best of all, grains are accessible and affordable, especially if you buy grains in bulk. Plus, they are easy to store and last a long time if stored correctly. 
Our selection of grains 

We understand grain most commonly as cereal, which is the fruit of the grass family. Other organic grains, such as buckwheat, quinoa and chia, are so-called ‘pseudo-grains’ and come from the seeds and fruits of other plant families. 

At Naturell-ab, we offer a wide variety of organic grains from around the world, including organic corn from Germany, barley and buckwheat from the Netherlands and couscous from Italy. We also offer organic oats from Finland and quinoa from Ecuador.

These are just some of our incredible selections, and as a wholesale grains supplier, we offer the very best range of high-quality organic ingredients. 
The benefits of grains 

Grains are considered nature’s bounty, thanks to the many health benefits. Organic grains can be an important source of nutrients, including fibre, vitamins and minerals. Those who eat organic grains as part of a healthy diet could reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as support good digestion and reduce inflammation in the gut. 

This makes buying organic grains in bulk ideal for any health food shop. Plus, the variety and versatile nature of these ingredients also makes them great in any kitchen. 
Using organic grains in the kitchen 

From breakfast cereals like cornflakes and oats to lunchtime loaves, grains can be the perfect way to start the day. Not to mention these can be a welcome addition to soups, salads and a whole range of healthy main meals. 

There are lots of ways grains can be used as the staple of a meal; for example, couscous and quinoa are popular amongst those looking for a balanced and healthy diet. Particularly those who follow a plant-based diet. 

However, adding any of our grains to your business and your meals allows you to produce and sell organic foods that promote better health and a full stomach.
Buying from a wholesale grains supplier 

Buying organic grains in bulk is much more cost-effective, and it’s better for the planet as you’ll need fewer deliveries. Providing it’s done correctly, these grains will last for a long time once stored in a cool, dry place, which, again, can cut down on deliveries and save you money. 

Our organic grains are perfect for businesses, whether you’re selling them in your health food or refill store or using them for cooking. From hotel breakfast buffets to helping sports buffs get their five a day, Naturell-ab can help with all your grain needs. 
As a wholesale grains supplier, we offer quantities from one to 25 kilos, and our grains are all about keeping your customers and our planet healthy. So if you have any questions about our oats, organic quinoa, couscous or any other organic ingredients for that matter, please feel free to contact our friendly team. 

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