Over the years, dried fruit has become known for its sweetness, nutrition and long storage life. This means it has many applications in the kitchen and in your business. So, if you’re in need of wholesale dried fruits, you’ve come to the right place. At Naturell-ab, we have made sustainably grown organic dried fruits our standard for the love of the earth and our health, and we only sell the highest quality products.
For the love of our planet

Organic farming is essential for a healthy world. The absence of pesticide residues and non-organic fertilizers creates a more natural grown product and at Naturell-ab we only offer 100% organic products. We put a lot of time and energy into choosing the best quality products. For the well-being of our planet and for the next generation. 
Storing bulk dried fruits

Besides sustainability and health benefits, there are many other good reasons to buy from dried fruit wholesalers like Naturell-ab. One reason is that dried fruits can be stored for a long time – up to two years, under the right conditions.

Unlike fresh fruits, these last a long time as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place, of course. Choosing to buy from a dried fruit wholesaler means you can ensure you always have your own stock of organic dried fruits to hand.

Our dried fruits are packed in bulk packaging ranging from 5kg till 25kg.
How to use wholesale dried fruits

Organic dried fruits are incredibly tasty and delicious to eat on their own or combined with a handful of organic nuts. This is a multipurpose ingredient, and besides snacking, it can be used for a variety of different baking and cooking purposes. 

Dried fruits can be used to bake cakes, especially dates which can make the ideal replacement for sugar in sweet recipes. It’s much easier to adapt any recipe to a healthier, sugar-free version by using organic dried fruits. This is perfect if you own a bakery, cafe or you regularly offer your customers baked goods online or in-store.

There are also lots of savoury meal options out there too, and this technique is very common in Arabic countries. For example, adding dried apricots to a savoury stew will enhance the flavour. 

Organic dried fruits are also suitable for savory meals, tea, fruit spreads or sweets. To reduce plastic and other packaging material, dried fruits can be also used for self-service refill systems in shops. This can pair perfectly with our huge selection of organic nuts, as well. 
Buying organic dried fruits online

Naturell-ab is a dried fruit wholesaler that offers a great variety of sustainably grown dried fruits.

Our wholesale dried fruits are all about keeping people and our planet healthy. They all free off additives, added sugar and preservatives. Ifyou have questions or inquiries about how to order our organic dried fruits, please feel free to contact us.

As a dried fruit wholesaler, we’ve got everything you need, including organic banana chips, raisins, currants, prunes, cranberries, and more. Check out the full range below.

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